19 Fall Candles for Home in 2020

There are two types of candle lovers: those who can burn a variety of scents no matter the season, and those who meticulously match scents to the time of year. I’m the latter—and as such, the transitions between seasons are always a challenge when it comes to choosing the perfect candle. As we leave summer behind and inch into autumn, traditional fall candles don’t feel quite right yet. It’s still too muggy and warm in New York City, where I live, for an apple cider or pumpkin spice candle, but all the tropical, fruity, and floral scents I burn throughout summer are bumming me out now that it’s officially September.

Luckily, there’s a rare type of candle perfect for these moments: transitional candles, which straddle the line between seasons perfectly and can carry us seamlessly from summer to fall. (Are you thinking, Wow, this woman takes candles way too seriously? yet? Because you’re right and I have no regrets.)

If you love ringing in the season with (almost) fall candles too, here are some of the best scented candles you might want to add to your collection, including some of my personal favorites and recommendations from my buds on Twitter (full thread here).

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    Boy Smells Redhead Candle

    Boy Smells nails highly specific scents, and to me, its Redhead Candle masterfully encapsulates the ephemeral time between summer and fall. Earthy and bright, it blends frankincense, saffron, redwood, poppy, and pomelo.

  • Otherland Dappled Wood Candle

    Otherland’s Manor House Weekend collection is meant to evoke “countryside weekends where bonfires blaze,” which, TBH, is a big transition mood for me. Dappled Wood is a mix of sandalwood, toasted walnut, and sweet hay, a perfect blend for those early fall days when it’s still warm enough to hang outside late into the night.

  • Agraria Bitter Orange Candle

    Citrusy smells are usually spring and summer staples of mine, but this Bitter Orange candle has managed to make me change my ways. Credit goes to the clove scent thrown in there too.


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