Celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of Monday Night Football by Looking Back at Its Debut Broadcast

Monday Night Football debuted fifty years ago on ABC, it has since become a staple for football fans across the globe. After lobbying for the rights to broadcast Monday Night Football, ABC had a plan to make the viewing of MNF a more personal experience than the average broadcast. The result was a program that garnered huge ratings a trend that has continued through its run on both ABC and ESPN. SI executive editor Mark Bechtel took a look back at Monday Night Football‘s debut in today’s Daily Cover.Read more of SI’s Daily Covers stories here

NFL to Mandate Face Coverings for Fans at Games

Some NFL franchises have already announced they will not have fans in attendance for the 2020 season, but those who do will require fans to wear face coverings at games. NFL Spokesman Brian McCarthy tweeted Wednesday “For those wondering, yes, it is league-wide: fans at NFL …read more


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