CourageJD officially addresses why he quit Fortnite

Any longtime Fortnite player and fan has undoubtedly noticed the changing of the guard when it comes to Fortnite content. Many of the original creators have moved on from Fortnite and on to other games like Warzone and party games like Fall Guys and Among Us.

NickMercs, TimTheTatMan, DrLupo, Tfue, and many others have left Fortnite behind them. Ninja appears to have reinvigorated his interest for the game, but he’s one of the only big names returning to Fortnite – at least, for now.

CourageJD returned to Fortnite, briefly, for a sponsored Chipotle tournament with other content creators and pros. The streamer had fun during the event but sat down after recording the tournament to officially tell his fans why he moved on from the game that changed his life.

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Courage began his statement by telling his fans how much he fell in love with Fortnite and how much it did for his life – both personally and professionally. He met some of his best friends while playing Fortnite, and the game helped to catapult him to the point in his career where he is, today.

“Towards the end of Chapter 1 I was already falling out of love with the game. It became more stressful than anything,” Courage explained. “My allure for signing on every day was fading away.”

In Courage’s eyes, the World Cup was a turning point for Fortnite – where players became far more competitive than they were before the event. “And then you add in things like skill-based matchmaking, which I think was one of the things that completely destroyed my love for the game,” he admitted. “Skill-based matchmaking was a huge factor of why I no longer play.”

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Courage continued on to identify a few other problems with Fortnite, but most of it came back to skill-based matchmaking as the root cause. His friends left, random duos lost its luster, and each match became more difficult to stream.

The fact that Courage and other creators left the game only means that they moved on to something that they now enjoy more. Just because your favorite creator left doesn’t mean the game is dying. It just means they need a break from a game that they played for almost three years straight.

We hope to see Courage and other creators come back to Fortnite at some point, as Ninja has. For now, though, they seem to be on to the next game.


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