First ARM Apple MacBook will debut in mid-November; AirPods Studio arriving in March 2021
The first ARM-based Mac laptop will supposedly debut on November 17. (Image source: Apple)
The first ARM-based Mac laptop will supposedly debut on November 17. (Image source: Apple)

Apple has pegged November 17 as the date to announce its first ARM-powered MacBook, according to Jon Prosser. The ARM Mac event will, by extension, be the earliest opportunity to see Apple’s first ARM-based laptop chipset. Prosser claims to have revealed the launch date of the long-awaited AirPods Studio, too.

Jon Prosser apparently has the inside scoop on the timing of Apple’s next hardware events. The company has already announced plans to shift its Mac lineup to ARM processors, but it has not confirmed when it will showcase any ARM-powered Mac hardware. According to Prosser, Apple will do so on November 17, which is the third Tuesday of November this year. Prosser is so sure of his sources that he has gone as far as to add that Apple will announce its ARM Mac event on November 10 – the preceding Tuesday.

These dates would tally with an article published on Bloomberg by Mark Gurman, in which he stated that the first ARM-powered MacBook could arrive next month. Gurman was not specific on what would be launching in November, but he suggests that it would be the ‘first Mac laptop’. Rumour has it that Apple’s initial ARM-based MacBook will have a 12-core processor based on 5 nm used to manufacture the A14 Bionic. Apple has also recently certified new Mac model numbers with the EEC.

Additionally, Prosser believes that Apple will host its next hardware event on March 16, 2021, where the company will unveil the AirPods Studio. Apparently, Apple has hit production issues with its first AirPods-branded over-ear headphones, which has pushed its release from 2020 to 2021. The March 2021 event will be a digital one, but Prosser has hinted that the AirPods Studio will not be the only attendee. 

Alex Alderson, 2020-10-16 (Update: 2020-10-16)

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