Girl Scout Parents Must Sign Covid Waiver Before In-Person Events

Girl Scouts
If Your Daughter Wants To Come To Our Events …

9/15/2020 12:50 AM PT


At least some Girl Scouts are doing things a bit differently during the pandemic — little girls can still participate in person — but their parents gotta sign a COVID-19 waiver first … and acknowledge the virus could result in death.

TMZ has learned the Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois are requiring parents and guardians to sign a special waiver in order for girls to attend in-person events.

According to the waiver, obtained by TMZ, the doc is designed to protect the Girl Scouts organization from legal liability if any child or parent gets sick and/or dies from COVID-19 while participating in any GS activities.

Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois tells TMZ … in-person troop meetings, gatherings and activities are NOT required for girls to participate in Girl Scouts, but the waiver is necessary for smaller groups that prefer meeting in real life.

If parents and guardians are wary of signing a waiver and sending their child off to an in-person event in the middle of a raging pandemic, Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois tells us they offer a variety of programs and ways for girls to connect and experience the Girl Scout Leadership Experience online in a contactless environment.

We reached out to Girl Scouts of America to see how many branches are using similar waivers … so far, no word back.

Might want to start mentally preparing for a Girl Scout Cookie season unlike any you’ve ever experienced.


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