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The already impressive Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is heading for an under-display camera upgrade. (Current model image source: Xiaomi)
The already impressive Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is heading for an under-display camera upgrade. (Current model image source: Xiaomi)

A Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra smartphone with an under-display camera has seemingly been leaked in a comparison video. Xiaomi has already revealed the technology in a recent promotional clip; however, it has now been speculated that the under-display camera variant of the Mi 10 Ultra could be launched sooner than what was previously anticipated.

The original source and a longer hands-on video have surfaced.

Update September 6: A longer version of the hands-on comparison can be found on Weibo (thanks to blogger lizexipablo), which appears to be the original source of the Mi 10 Ultra with UDC clip (h/t XiaomiToday).

Original story:

Popular tech YouTuber Sahil Karoul has posted a video clip of what appears to be a Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra with an under-display camera (UDC) being compared with a couple of other Xiaomi devices. The Chinese OEM recently released a promo video showing a Mi 10 Ultra with a hidden selfie camera and published a lengthy blog post about its third-generation under-display camera technology, and it seems the company could be much further ahead with development than what may have been expected.

The clip posted by Karoul starts with someone holding what is obviously a Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, which is recognizable by its unique rear camera setup. But when the phone is turned round it becomes clear to see that there is no visible selfie camera. This possible prototype device is then compared with another Xiaomi smartphone with a punch-hole in the top left-hand corner (like the regular Mi 10 Ultra), and then a third device is shown that appears to have an earlier-generation solution for hiding the front-facing camera. This latter device shows a pixelated area that is not as successful at camouflaging the camera as the third-generation effort.

The same source speculates that Xiaomi could launch this under-display camera variant of the Mi 10 Ultra in October or November, and he then later suggests that the OEM might be ready to fully show off the impressive device before mass production begins, in a similar manner to how the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha was revealed. The blog post concerning the under-screen camera technology states that “Xiaomi aims to bring this technology to the mass market next year” (2021), but if this comparison video is genuine then it looks like Xiaomi might have its Mi 10 Ultra UDC model ready sooner than planned.

Daniel R Deakin, 2020-09- 5 (Update: 2020-09- 6)

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