Phil Spencer: Xbox Series S to Outsell Xbox Series X Due to Lower Price

Phil Spencer: Xbox Series S to Outsell Xbox Series X Due to Lower Price

William D’Angelo
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Microsoft is getting ready to launch its next-generation consoles, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, which are now less than a month away. 

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer in an interview with Kotaku expects the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be sold out during the first holiday season. The number of consoles shipped will determine with console sells more this holiday season. 

I think we’ll sell every unit of both of them that we can deliver,” said Spencer. “I think demand is just going to outstrip supply of pre-orders. For us and PlayStation, I think that the manufacturing supply chain is going to dictate [market] share more than anything else.”

Xbox Series S

Spencer added that over the course of the generation he expects the Xbox Series S will outsell the Xbox Series X due to its lower price point.

“I think, over the generation, our expectation would be that price really matters and that you would see the Series S sell more,” he said. 

Phil Spencer says at his home he keeps the Xbox Series X attached to the TV and on its side, while the Xbox Series S he keeps attached to a monitor in the office. 

Some games actually load faster on the Xbox Series S than on the Xbox Series X due to the lower-resolution assets. The Series S runs games at 1080p or 1440p, while the Series X runs them at 4K.

Spencer added he isn’t worried about the power difference between the Series X and Series S. He mentions the PC ecosystem and how there can be a huge difference in specs between the top of the line PCs and lower-end PCs. Developers will release a game that looks incredible on the best PCs, and are then able to scale down the graphics, framerate, and other elements of a game to make them run on a lower-end PC.

“I’m not worried,” Spencer said. “I think we have proof points, like we’ve said, on PC, that show that you can get absolutely amazing-looking games on great hardware and have those games scale to the hardware capability.

Phil Spencer: Xbox Series S to Outsell Xbox Series X Due to Lower Price

“But absolutely, it is work. There’s no doubt about that. The fact that you have two performance specs now, I’m not going to stand here or try to PR somebody and say two different specs is the same as having one spec. It’s not. We’re doing this because we want to expand the market.”

The Xbox Series X and Series S will launch worldwide on November 10.

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