The Republican National Convention started off with a fire hose of false claims


The main evening of the 2020 Republican Nationwide Conference became as soon as a fire hose of spurious or misleading claim, largely drawn from President Donald Trump’s arsenal of falsehoods. Here are 19 claims that caught our consideration.

As is our note, we attain now not award Pinocchios for a roundup of statements made during conference events.

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“The President fleet took trail and shut down hurry back and forth from China. Joe Biden and his Democrat allies called my father a racist and xenophobe for doing it.”

– Donald Trump Jr.

President Trump’s son overstates the affect of Trump’s actions. On Jan. 31, the president presented that, effective Feb. 2, non-U.S. electorate had been barred from touring from China, however there had been 11 exceptions. Meanwhile, U.S. electorate and eternal residents would possibly perhaps seemingly well calm hurry back and forth from China however had been arena to screening and a that it is likely you’ll trust 14-day quarantine. Trump’s trail did now not settle location in a vacuum. Many airlines had been canceling flights, and by our depend, on the least 38 international locations took identical trail sooner than or on the same time the U.S. restrictions had been save in location.

The president typically claims he took intrepid trail that became as soon as criticized. Data reports dispute he became as soon as reluctant to impose the ban, citing his relationship with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, however the trail became as soon as entreated by his high successfully being advisers. Effectively being and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar told journalists on Feb. 7: “The hurry back and forth restrictions that we save in location in consultation with the president had been very measured and incremental. These had been the uniform suggestions of the career public successfully being officers right here at HHS.”

Despite criticism there became as soon as became as soon as scattered and comparatively muted. Trump sides to a commentary by frail vice president Joe Biden – “Here’s no time for Donald Trump’s document of hysteria and xenophobia . . . and fearmongering to keen the ground as an replacement of science” – however the Democratic presidential nominee says that did now not focus on with the hurry back and forth restrictions.

The virus became as soon as already spreading thru the US, and there is miniature evidence that it saved lives, notably since the Trump administration did now not snappy place up an effective attempting out gadget adore many replacement international locations.

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“President Trump introduced our financial system aid sooner than, and he’ll bring it aid as soon as more.”

– Primitive U.S. ambassador to the United Worldwide locations Nikki Haley

Trump and his supporters frequently focus on as if he took office all the scheme thru the Enormous Recession when, in actuality, he inherited a fairly factual financial system. The United States added an sensible of better than 250,000 jobs every month in 2014 and 227,000 a month in 2015. It added 193,000 a month in 2016, as Trump barnstormed the nation pronouncing the financial system became as soon as in crisis.

In 2017, Trump’s first yr in office, month-to-month job enhance slowed to 179,000 month-to-month. It jumped to 223,000 a month in 2018 – lower than below President Barack Obama in 2014 and 2015 – and fell aid to 175,000 a month in 2019.

When Trump in 2018 proclaimed, twice within the same day, “an financial turnaround of historical proportions,” the US had been adding jobs for 94 straight months, of which 18 had been below Trump’s management.

– – –

“The failed Obama-Biden administration never would possibly perhaps seemingly well attain and manufacture the excellent financial system our nation has ever considered.”

– Trump Jr.

Ahead of the coronavirus pandemic shuttered businesses and sent unemployment hovering, Trump’s supporters would possibly perhaps seemingly well indubitably brag referring to the train of the financial system in his first three years as president. But they trail into distress as soon as they made a play to direct it became as soon as the excellent financial system in U.S. history.

As we already smartly-known, Trump inherited a thriving financial system. By beautiful about any major measure, the financial system below Trump did now not attain as successfully because it did below Presidents Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson or Bill Clinton.

The faulty domestic product grew at an annual payment of 2.3% in 2019, slipping from 2.9% in 2018 and 2.4% in 2017. But in 1997, 1998 and 1999, GDP grew 4.5%, 4.5% and 4.7%, respectively. But even that duration paled in comparability against the 1950s and 1960s. Mutter between 1962 and 1966 ranged from 4.4% to 6.6%. In 1950 and 1951, it became as soon as 8.7% and 8%, respectively. Meanwhile, the unemployment payment reached a low of three.5% below Trump, however it no doubt dipped as low as 2.5% in 1953.

– – –

“Obama and Biden let North Korea threaten America. President Trump rejected that weakness, and we handed the toughest sanctions on North Korea in history.”

– Haley

Haley very without ache leaves out the remainder of the story.

On Nov. 7, 2017, talking in South Korea, the president denounced leader Kim Jong Un’s regime, pronouncing: “Residents glimpse on fellow electorate, their houses are arena to creep attempting at any time, and their each trail is arena to surveillance. In location of a brilliant society, the opposite folks of North Korea are bombarded by train propaganda nearly each waking hour of the day. North Korea is a nation dominated as a cult.”

That’s the duration of the sanctions cited by Haley.

Seven months later, Trump met with Kim in Singapore, the first time a U.S. president sat down with a North Korean leader. “His nation does handle him. His other folks, you stumble on the fervor. They enjoy a colossal fervor,” Trump acknowledged after the assembly.

Advanced diplomatic initiatives most incessantly work the reverse scheme: Lower-stage officers reach a series of agreements over months or years of talks, resulting in a summit assembly to finalize the deal. Trump, alive to for a made-for-television occasion, opted to creep straight to the summit without big agreements in location.

The divulge with that capability is demonstrated by the doc Trump and Kim signed in June 2018. It became as soon as remarkably obscure, leaving mighty to interpretation and debate, notably when put next with earlier documents signed by North Korea. Pyongyang has a lengthy history of creating agreements and then now not living as much as their duties, however it no doubt appears to be like Trump became as soon as now not wide awake that the language in earlier agreements became as soon as more difficult.

Trump and Kim met twice more, in February and June 2019, when Trump stepped over the demilitarized zone to turn into the first U.S. president to place foot on North Korean soil. No extra agreements had been reached, however Trump persevered to depict the connection as a success at the same time as experts acknowledged Pyongyang persevered to enhance its nuclear and missile programs. Trump even made excuses for Kim, pushing aside the missile checks as “short-differ,” now not “ballistic missiles checks” and claiming that Kim became as soon as “now not cosy with the attempting out.”

“North Korea has been constructing new missiles, new capabilities, new weapons as immediate as any one on the earth with the 115th-most extremely effective financial system on this planet,” Air Force Gen. John Hyten acknowledged in January 2020.

– – –

“Obama and Biden let Iran earn away with murder and literally sent them a airplane fats of cash. President Trump did the upright part and ripped up the Iran nuclear deal.”

– Haley

That “airplane fats of cash” became as soon as linked to the settlement of a a protracted time-feeble claim between the 2 international locations, now not the Iran nuclear deal.

An initial price of $400 million became as soon as handed over on Jan. 17, 2016, the day after Iran released four American detainees, including The Washington Put up’s Jason Rezaian. The timing – which U.S. officers insisted became as soon as a twist of destiny – suggested the cash would possibly perhaps seemingly well be viewed as a ransom price. But the initial cash price became as soon as Iran’s cash.

In the 1970s, the then-expert-Western Iranian authorities below the shah paid $400 million for U.S. militia gear. But the gear became as soon as never delivered since the 2 international locations broke off members of the family after the seizure of American hostages on the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. Two a amount of funds totaling $1.3 billion – a negotiated settlement on the curiosity owed on the $400 million – came weeks later.

Suppose Division officers acknowledged the negotiations over the claims and detainees had been now not connected however came collectively on the same time, with the cash price old as “leverage” to be particular the liberate of detainees.

Obama administration officers claimed that without a take care of Iran, the Hague tribunal will enjoy imposed a elevated curiosity penalty on the US. (Consultants agreed that that became as soon as likely.) U.S. officers acknowledged the transfer became as soon as made in cash, rather than by wire, as earlier claims reached thru the Hague tribunal had been paid, to ease the affect of an increasing selection of tricky sanctions imposed on Iran.

– – –

“The intelligence physique of workers lately assessed that the Chinese Communist Occasion favors Biden. They know he’ll weaken both economically and on an international stage.”

– Trump Jr.

Here’s missing context. U.S. intelligence officers enjoy acknowledged China prefers Biden over Trump, however they’ve now not linked China’s resolution to Biden’s financial policies.

The Suppose of job of the Director of Nationwide Intelligence (ODNI) released a assertion Aug. 7 pronouncing: “We assess that China prefers that President Trump – whom Beijing sees as unpredictable – doesn’t rep reelection. China has been expanding its affect efforts earlier than November 2020 to form the policy environment within the US, stress political figures it views as against China’s interests, and deflect and counter criticism of China. Even despite the truth that China will proceed to weigh the dangers and advantages of aggressive trail, its public rhetoric over the previous few months has grown an increasing selection of mighty of the scorching Administration’s COVID-19 response, closure of China’s Houston Consulate, and actions on a amount of disorders.”

The same assertion says Russia is working to support Trump, because it did in 2016. Trump Jr. left that out of his remarks.

“We assess that Russia is the usage of a differ of measures to essentially denigrate frail Vice President Biden and what it sees as an anti-Russia ‘establishment,’ ” the ODNI assertion says. “Here’s per Moscow’s public criticism of him when he became as soon as Vice President for his role within the Obama Administration’s policies on Ukraine and its beef up for the anti-Putin opposition inner Russia. As an illustration, expert-Russia Ukrainian parliamentarian Andriy Derkach is spreading claims about corruption – including thru publicizing leaked cell phone calls – to undermine frail Vice President Biden’s candidacy and the Democratic Occasion. Some Kremlin-linked actors are moreover searching for to raise President Trump’s candidacy on social media and Russian television.”

– – –

“Job positive factors are outpacing what the so-called experts anticipated.”

-Trump Jr.

Trump and his allies would most incessantly tag, sooner than the coronavirus pandemic started, that job advent became as soon as exceeding some projections from analysts on the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Suppose of job. But those projections are out of date and it’s misleading to disappear that out in a high-time take care of.

The coronavirus pandemic disrupted the financial system and made feeble financial projections former. Employers had been adding jobs fleet in contemporary months, now not because financial enhance is thrashing feeble projections, however since the coronavirus triggered millions of job losses and the financial system has begun to bounce aid from its pandemic slowdown.

– – –

“Democrats claim to be for workers, however they’ve spent the entire pandemic searching to sneak a tax destroy for millionaires in Democrat states into the covid support invoice. Then they attacked my father for suspending the payroll tax for middle-class workers.”

-Trump Jr.

Democrats had been searching to revive the train and native tax deduction since Trump and Republicans capped it at $10,000 as part of a tax law, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, that took intention in 2018. General, the Republican tax cuts largely benefited affluent other folks and companies. Many of the affect of capping the SALT deduction, however now not all, became as soon as felt by states with rather excessive taxes and residents with excessive incomes and excessive dwelling values. Reasonably plenty of them are dominated by Democrats, however the intention is moreover felt in Republican-trail states comparable to Indiana, in step with the Tax Basis.

“Whereas the brand new SALT cap will enhance federal taxable earnings for excessive-earnings taxpayers, these taxpayers benefited from a amount of tax modifications,” the Tax Basis acknowledged. “The new lower tax rates, expanded child tax credit, and limiting of the AMT, among others, all benefited taxpayers now impacted by the SALT cap. On web, even many taxpayers restricted by the brand new SALT deduction had their taxes reduced in 2018.”

– – –

Biden “supported the worst trade deals within the history of the planet. He voted for the NAFTA nightmare. Down the tubes went our auto trade. He pushed TPP. Goodbye manufacturing jobs.”

-Trump Jr.

Millions of manufacturing jobs and hundreds of U.S. manufacturing establishments enjoy disappeared since NAFTA took intention in 1994, however it no doubt’s tough to isolate how mighty of that became as soon as attributable to NAFTA and now not a amount of things comparable to automation.

The analysis we reviewed disclose that NAFTA had a modest intention on the U.S. financial system. Auto trade representatives and self sustaining analysts appear to agree the NAFTA dynamics enjoy helped rather than hindered automakers with U.S. operations.Trump and his allies frequently claim that he greatly overhauled the NAFTA with the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). It’s now not a total trade revolution, as Trump promised, however USMCA does intention modifications to modernize trade principles in intention from 1994 to 2020, and it offers some wins to U.S. farmers and blue-collar workers within the auto sector. Economists and auto experts trust USMCA is going to place off car prices within the US to upward push and the replacement to creep down. Some aspects of the deal had been borrowed from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the trade deal Trump scrapped within the starting up of his time frame, and that his son is now deriding on this speech.

– – –

“Raising taxes on 82% of American citizens is now not good.”

– Republican Nationwide Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel

McDaniel has a basis to intention this assertion, however as framed the affect is overstated. Biden says he plans to roll aid Trump’s tax cuts on households making above the $400,000 threshold and on companies. Trump’s tax law diminished the earnings tax on the richest American citizens from 39.6% to 37%, and the corporate tax payment from 35% to 21% in 2017; Biden has vowed to settle the corporate tax payment to 28%.

The Tax Policy Heart estimates that three-quarters of the tax will enhance would be paid by the waste 1% of households. But there would be some affect on households in even the bottom-earnings households for a largely technical motive, the nonpartisan physique of workers acknowledged: “Virtually the entire prolong in tax burden for the backside four earnings quintiles would be attributable to the indirect outcomes of elevated corporate earnings taxes.” Smooth, it would possibly possibly seemingly well even be adequate to offset the affect of tax credits for low- and middle-earnings taxpayers proposed by Biden.

So that’s how McDaniel can claim better than 80% of American citizens would face elevated taxes, even when the richest 1 percent would undergo mighty of the burden.

– – –

“Policies that . . . allow abortion up until the purpose of starting up aren’t good.”

– McDaniel

Here’s misleading, and we gave the same claim Three Pinocchios when Trump included it in speeches this yr. Most abortions are performed within the earlier stages of being pregnant. About 1% occur after the fetus reaches the purpose of viability. In short, McDaniel and the president are describing one thing that rarely ever occurs and that no Democrat is inquiring for anyway.

Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and a few others who competed within the Democratic presidential main, acknowledged they appreciated having no restrictions on abortion.

Biden doesn’t settle such a sweeping location; he helps abortion rights and says he would codify in statute the Supreme Court docket’s landmark ruling in Roe v. Wade and linked precedents.

Consultants told us that beef up for abortion rights doesn’t mean Democrats beef up “wrong unhurried-time frame abortions.” “That’s adore pronouncing everybody who ‘helps’ the 2d Amendment ‘helps’ college shootings,” Katie Watson, a professor at Northwestern College’s Feinberg College of Medication, beforehand told The Truth Checker. ” ‘Abortion until the moment of starting up’ doesn’t exist – it’s a boogeyman abortion opponents enjoy created to frighten voters and derail rational dialog about constitutional rights,” Watson acknowledged. “No person ‘helps’ it, and no one does it. No affected person ever asks a health care provider to waste her being pregnant ‘the moment sooner than starting up,’ and no physician would agree to achieve it.”

– – –

“[Democrats] should always abolish the suburbs altogether by ending single-family-dwelling zoning. This compelled rezoning would bring crime, lawlessness and low quality apartments and a now thriving suburban neighborhoods.”

– Patty McCloskey

The Affirmatively Furthering Pretty Housing rule (AFFH) doesn’t goal to bulldoze the suburbs, as Trump frequently claims. Rather, the rule of thumb is the most modern try and push the Division of Housing and Urban Mutter to attain more to save an excellent deal of in force and implement a part of the Pretty Housing Act of 1968 requiring the authorities to “affirmatively extra beautiful housing.”

The rule, which became as soon as finalized in July 2015 and has been in limbo since Obama left office, is designed to push “meaningful actions, as successfully as to combating discrimination, that overcome patterns of segregation and foster inclusive communities free from obstacles that restrict earn entry to to opportunity in step with safe traits.” It became as soon as designed to support train and native officers present greater earn entry to to opportunity, following the distinctive 1968 guideline.

For evidence of the bleak future, Trump sides to his have journey “staring at this for years.” But he goes on to bungle the details, suggesting that following the AFFH would result in “housing values [dropping] adore a rock.” Most analysis suggests that the proximity of cheap housing doesn’t depress property values.

The president ought to be accustomed to beautiful-housing principles. The authorities charged Trump, alongside with his father and their company, with violating the Pretty Housing Act in 1973 for now not renting to Black other folks. The Trumps eventually signed a consent decree in 1975, which they had been accused of violating beautiful three years later.

– – –

“He delivered historical prison justice reform. He ended – as soon as and for all – the policy of mass incarceration of Black other folks, which has decimated our communities, triggered by no a amount of than Joe Biden. Democrats couldn’t attain it. Obama didn’t should always attain it. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris definitely wouldn’t attain it.”

– Georgia Earn. Vernon Jones, a Democrat

“Whereas Joe Biden made hollow promises when he chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee, Donald Trump took trail, and delivered prison justice reform.”

– Home Minority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La.

Trump signed the First Step Act in 2018, and it became as soon as described as historical prison justice reform. But one of many excellent objects of the First Step Act – a provision that diminished sentences for crack cocaine offenses – became as soon as an extension of Obama’s efforts in 2010.

A Washington Put up investigation stumbled on that Trump’s Justice Division is working to limit the replacement of inmates who would possibly perhaps seemingly well back from the First Step Act. Federal prosecutors are arguing in plenty of of circumstances that inmates who enjoy utilized for this form of support are ineligible, in step with a overview of court docket records and interviews with defense attorneys. In on the least half a dozen circumstances, prosecutors are searching for to reincarcerate offenders who had been released below the First Step Act.

Biden’s advertising campaign beforehand told The Put up that one part of Trump’s First Step Act, a “security valve” provision, which permits judges more discretion on sentencing, first looked in a 1994 crime law Biden subsidized. Trump expanded the safety valve to veil more forms of offenders, the Biden advertising campaign acknowledged. Biden moreover subsidized the 2d Probability Act in 2007 with Sen. Pat Leahy, D-Vt., and takes some credit for the Obama administration’s cut payment in sentences for crack offenses.

– – –

“President Trump constructed the most inclusive financial system ever, 7 million jobs created, pre-covid-19. And two-thirds of them went to ladies folks, African-American citizens, and Hispanics.”

– Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C.

As of March, nearly 6.7 million jobs had been added to the financial system since Trump took office. Job enhance below Trump in his first three years became as soon as no greater than Obama’s excellent three years. But the nation seen historical job loss after states utilized close-dwelling orders to forestall the unfold of the radical coronavirus.

A September 2019 Washington Put up diagnosis stumbled on that in step with recordsdata composed by the authorities for the reason that 1970s, most new hires of high working age (25 to 54) had been minorities, and minority ladies folks had been predominantly driving the pattern. That is now not comparable to pronouncing minorities and ladies folks (of all races and ethnicities) story for plenty of the brand new hires of high working age. One broad motive for this pattern has nothing to achieve with Trump; it’s because United States is becoming much less White and since high-age American citizens of color, in explicit ladies folks, are a increasing part of the high-age total and nonemployed populations.

– – –

Biden “believes in warfare without winning, warfare without a sign of ending. President Trump doesn’t desire us in a ways away deserts. He desires to fight to assign America right here and now.”

– Earn. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla.

Despite Gaetz’s claim, the proof is within the troop numbers. Trump has now not made mighty of a dent within the station quo no matter a 2016 advertising campaign promise to withdraw the US from foreign conflicts. As The Put up reported, the nearly 200,000 American militia personnel who had been abroad when Trump took office in 2017 became as soon as already the smallest amount in plenty of a protracted time.

In international locations comparable to Afghanistan, U.S. troops are merely serving as “police,” Trump has argued, whereas Germany, South Korea and others that would possibly perhaps seemingly seemingly enjoy adequate cash to defend themselves are getting U.S. protection on a budget at taxpayer expense.

But Trump has been stymied at as regards to each turn. Whereas there had been some rather minor shifts in distribution – and since 2017, the Defense Division now not involves troops in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq in its unclassified, printed tallies – the total total of those serving abroad is believed to enjoy a miniature elevated since Barack Obama left office.

– – –

“President Trump identified the probability this virus presented for all American citizens early on, and made rapidly policy modifications. And which capability, telehealth services are now accessible to better than 71 million American citizens, including 35 million teenagers.”

– Nurse Amy Johnson Ford

Blink and you’ll omit it. In this fastidiously written line, the major note is “accessible.” But it no doubt doesn’t mean Trump extended telehealth services to better than 71 million other folks with “rapidly policy modifications.”

The 71 million figure (including 35 million teenagers) is a theoretical most. It is depending on all states taking on a series of suggestions from the Trump administration. The numbers simply trust total enrollment in Medicaid and CHIP programs collectively trail by states and the federal authorities.

“Under President Trump’s management, CMS has taken an infinite replacement of steps to be particular American citizens can earn entry to the successfully being care services they need thru electronic and virtual capability,” in step with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). “Swift actions in Medicare enjoy ensured that the nation’s successfully being protection program for seniors is able to pay for telehealth services delivered nationwide and in any environment, with contemporary steps expanding Medicare price for 80 extra telehealth services. Building on those actions, CMS is offering this toolkit for states to settle identical steps. Medicaid and CHIP programs are collectively administered by the train and federal governments, and collectively present successfully being protection for over 71 million American citizens, including 35 million teenagers.”

– – –

“I watched him because the proprietor of a expert football physique of workers. Valid after he offered the physique of workers, he place out to be taught. He realized referring to the history of the physique of workers, the gamers, the coaches. Every detail. Then he old what he realized to intention the physique of workers greater.”

– Primitive NFL player Herschel Walker

Trump’s foray into the realm of sports started and ended within the 1980s. He offered the Contemporary Jersey Generals, a United States Soccer League physique of workers, and pushed his fellow householders to creep the league games to the autumn as an replacement of spring, so they would possibly seemingly compete on television with the NFL. The league tried it in 1986.

“Trump is widely blamed for the demise of the USFL,” ESPN reported.

– – –

“Biden is conscious of failure. His have defense secretary acknowledged, ‘Biden has been wicked on each main foreign policy and national security resolution for nearly four a protracted time.’ “


Gaetz became as soon as referring to a notorious quote by Robert Gates, a Republican who served as defense secretary below George W. Bush and Barack Obama. In his 2014 memoir, Gates wrote: “I trust he has been wicked on nearly each main foreign policy and national security divulge over the previous four a protracted time.”

But in a June interview with NPR, Gates indicated that he supported Biden for president. “What I am going to claim is, I wrote in my book ‘Duty’ in 2014, that I thought Joe Biden had been wicked on nearly each main foreign policy divulge over the earlier 40 years,” he acknowledged. “I wrote on the same web page, despite the truth that, that I regarded Joe Biden as a person of colossal integrity, a really decent human being, as any individual that if you occur to had a inner most divulge or an argument, Joe Biden would be there to support you to. So despite the truth that I’ve obtained plenty of policy disagreements with the frail vice president, he is a tight person. . . . I trust that what the nation desires is any individual who will try and produce us collectively.”

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