The Weekly Grind: Ilima-Lei Macfarlane crushes full underwater workout in a gi

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What makes professional fighters so relatable? At first glance, probably nothing. But take away the gloves, gi’s, and bulging hematomas, and they’re actually not so different than the rest of us.

These posts prove that even the toughest fighters are only human after all. Here is the latest edition of “The Weekly Grind.”

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Half naked arm and top less kinda day in a desert called Las Vegas – A good #TBT to bring me back memories of a few years ago when I had the dream of seeing this place for the first time. Now it’s home. For a lot people it might not means anything but for a person that grew up in a small town in the roughest part of a third world country it does means a lot. I am just grateful for the opportunities that life threw at me, I had to fight for them, literally fight for them and still do because that’s what feeds my soul. I am the type of person that is always seeking for improvements, always looking to better myself in any possible way and I don’t see nothing other than fighting to challenge me to become a better human being, not yet. Life its a journey, I wanna make sure I make it a beautiful one to be able to show people that ANYTHING is possible in life, all you need is a work ethic, a good environment and to have the right people around you, the ones that care about you like they care about themselves. In the path to wealth and happiness you gotta learn to give, to help, to make people better. This is what it’s gonna bring good things your way. Let’s keep practicing gratitude and let’s keep helping people become the best version of themselves. I guarantee things will start to happen to you. Stay strong, my friend. Braço sem tattoo em um deserto chamado Las Vegas – Um bom #TBT para me trazer de volta memórias de alguns anos atrás, quando eu tive o sonho de ver este lugar pela primeira vez. Agora é onde eu moro. Para muitas pessoas pode não significar nada, mas para uma pessoa que cresceu em uma pequena cidade na parte mais difícil de um país de terceiro mundo, significa muito. Eu sou muito grata pelas oportunidades que a vida me ofereceu, tive que lutar por elas, literalmente lutar por elas e ainda luto, porque é isso que alimenta minha alma. Sou o tipo de pessoa que está sempre em busca de melhorias, sempre procurando me melhorar de todas as formas possíveis e não vejo nada além de lutar para me desafiar a me tornar um ser humano melhor, ainda não… Continuação nos comentários. #teamcg #claudiagadelha #staystrong #tbt

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