Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro irreparability revealed in teardown video

Either way, the fingerprint scanner is replaceable, as are the camera sensors. The 108 MP primary camera dwarfs the other lenses though, explaining why Xiaomi included such a large housing for them. Sadly, Xiaomi has soldered the USB Type-C port to a daughter-board, meaning that you must replace it and the dual-SIM card slot if the Type-C port malfunctions.

The video highlights the cooling efficiency of the Mi 10T Pro too, with Xiaomi focusing on its graphite and copper cooling systems. From what we can tell, Xiaomi has included a sheet of copper over the SoC and a graphite layer behind the display. Beneath this sits a copper heat pipe, which runs through the middle of the device.

Overall, the Mi 10T Pro does not seem that repairable, not least because Xiaomi does not sell any replacement parts for the device. The inclusion of multiple soldered parts emphasises this, which is a shame considering the value for money that the Mi 10T Pro offers.


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