Xiaomi will launch its new Mi Power Bank 3 Ultra Compact in Europe

Xiaomi launched the 3rd-gen Mi Power Bank in mid-2020 with 20,000mAh and 30,000mAh options. Now, according to a new report by MySmartPrice, the OEM is planning to launch a new variant of the same series in Europe soon.

As the name suggests, this Mi Power Bank 3 Ultra Compact is rated for 10,000mAh in capacity (or 5,500mAh of effective charge) only in order to support a new form-factor that might fit into a pocket with greater ease.

MySmartPrice claims to have gleaned pretty much every detail of this new Ultra Compact model from its source. The power bank is apparently to have a footprint of 90 × 63.9 × 24.2 millimeters (mm) and to weigh 200 grams (g). It will come in black, with a chassis finished in a material that makes for thin vertical stripes on its sides, possibly for improved grip.

The Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Ultra Compact is to be outfitted with 3 full-sized USB ports, although only 1 is type C. However, it can charge the new power bank as well as deliver it to others, as it has a USB-PD input standard set at 24W. Alternatively, there is a micro-USB to fill the new power bank, although it goes at up to 18W, meaning it might take as long as 6 hours for a full charge.

Despite all these specs, the blog never mentions how much this new Xiaomi accessory might cost in its new market. The pre-existing Mi Power Bank 3 SKUs start at ~US$24; therefore, it is possible Mi fans in Europe may be able to look forward to an even cheaper new backup charger in the near future.


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